I‘ve had the acting bug ever since I was a kid. I reached a point in my life where I had to make a decision to either raise a family or pursue being an actor, albeit quite possibly as a single person. I chose my family, and have never looked back.

For the past 25 years I have been employed as a professional Handy Dart driver for people with disabilities. One of my proudest accomplishments was being part of a core group of six organizers who fought to get rid of the Harmonized Sales Tax, and won, against all odds.

At the tender age of 60, I decided to start my ‘Bucket List’ for the last third of my life. I call it the ‘WAS’ factor: Writing – Acting – Singing. My three kids have all grown up, and now it is my turn to fulfil my dreams and aspirations of becoming a professional actor.


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Bringing Characters to Life and Life to Characters


In the early 1960’s, growing up in a family of ten kids with only one TV, I fell in love with a show called, ‘Bonanza.’ I said to my self, “I can do that.” I got started in high school as an actor in many plays, and behind the scenes as part of whatever job I was tasked to fulfil.

In the early 1980’s, I studied acting under the direction of Anthony Holland.

Last summer I decided to take some pictures, seek an agent and get started in my career as a professional actor. Background work was a good start, as I could gain invaluable experience working with, and being part of a team, to get the job done; be it a MOW, a series, a feature film, etc. Overall, I accepted numerous background performer jobs. Having said that, I quickly learned that the more I was on set, the more I desired to be in front of the camera.

In January of 2014, there was an open-call audition that saw me chosen over hundreds of others for a still shot as a Russian Drug Lord in a TV series shot in Vancouver, ‘Signed Sealed Delivered’ by the Hallmark Channel. The director, Scott Smith made a point of introducing himself. A truly memorable moment.

Life experiences such as marriage, raising children, love, hate, finance, politics, organizational skills, working with people, etc… will form part of my arsenal as an actor.


Back in 2002, I was in a play called, “The Last Adam’. At that time, the late John Juliani (a very well-known Canadian actor, writer, producer, director and educator), had been the president of the Union of BC Performers for many years. He sent me a note containing the words shown in the image you see here..

His note remains one of my treasured possessions.

“Perseverance is the Key to Success in Life.”


It’s how high you want to climb, which determines one’s success or failure.